Did My Booty Make the Cut?

Did My Ass Make the Cut?

When you’re an butt guy and you see an ass like Luscious Louis’ just walking down the street, chances are you might lose your mind just a little. Hey, we aren’t blaming you. We got lost in all that wiggle and jiggle, too. Luckily for this dude, Luscious is very accommodating. You see, all he has to do is hold up a video camera after he smacks her booty and she goes from being angry to being interested. Why? Because she wants to be in a video, that’s why. So when he takes her back to the hotel for a little shakin’ and a little suckin’, she’s all for it. In fact, she breaks him off such a serious piece of arse that he blows his load like a virgin on prom night. But, we said it once, and this time we will repeat it: We aren’t blaming him. We’d get lost in all that wiggle and jiggle, too.

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Vanessa Hell – Hardcore

Angelic blonde Vanessa Hell is ready to make her man’s night. She lets him feel up her hanging all naturals and feast on her creamy wet crack, then goes to town sucking him off. Once those two come together they’ll explore every position that feels admirable until Vanessa finishes her stud off with mouth full of cum.

Fly with Lana Sky

Fly with Lana Sky

Lana Sky loves to stay active. She ran cross-country and track in high school and doesn’t mind getting out with the boys and playing a little beach football. Of course, she likes to keep her mouth busy, too.

“I love to have pecker in my mouth,” she says.

These words are music to any man’s ears, and when you see Lana go to work on a ramrod, you know she is telling the truth.

Lana says she fonds to be assertive sexually, but she also likes a fellow who will place her in her put and leave her wet.

“I love a fellow who can dominate me,” she said. “I want him to make me beg for more. I want him to make me work my twat for him.”

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Molly Maracas – Naughty Talk

Great Britain Old whore Molly Maracas wants to talk smutty to you while she caresses her stockinged legs and hanging bigtit milk cans in bed. While this lush milf is showing you what she likes, she’ll slowly peel off her robe and lingerie until she has uncovered the magic of her greedy bare pussy that she just likes to caress and finger fuck.

Workout Inspiration

Workout Inspiration

Ambrosa loves to work up a sweat and likes to do aerobics at home. But her boy-friend would rather watch T.V. than join her as she tones her buns of iron. So in order to get him up and off the couch she offers to workout with him. And by working out, she means that he can tap that butt! “It’s so damn worthwhile when he spreads my buttocks and gives me that ramrod real really deep in my fudge factory. That is the best excercise I can get!” We agree, Ambrosa, because we would love to work that butt out too!

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Molly Maracas – Mirror Mirror

Getting herself off is priority number one for Molly Maracas, and she finds it particularly titillating to watch her antics in the mirror. Her fingers are soon working overtime as this lusty gilf pulls her thong aside and goes to work with her magic fingers buried deep in her prick craving bare fuck hole.



There’s nothin’ in the world like a white babe with a nifty ass. It is like getting a vanilla sundae topped with fudge and sprinkles when you expected plain old vanilla.

When you get a look at Ryan, it is clear that she isn’t vanilla. This kitten has sexy brown hair with a red tint, milky white skin, girl-next-door looks and an booty that never quits. Just what our boy Johnny likes, and he’s more than equipped to complete this banana split.

Ryan goes down on Johnny’s ramrod and tries to swallow every inch. She looks like a girl-next-door, but underneath lurks a filthy harlot.

“Oh, god, your knob is so big,” Ryan moans as she sucks his prick.

Sucking is just the start, however. Ryan’s got an ass that she can put to work.

“Jump on this boner,” Johnny told.

Ryan eagerly moves up and down his penis and works what her mama gave her. She pops and jumps on her ass on his rod. Soon after, Johnny turns her around to get a full taste of her arse and bangs her slit doggy style.

“Oh, my god!” she says. “Fuck me harder!”

Ryan moans like her cunt is being stretched to its limit by Johnny’s big weenie, but she is loving every minute.

Before this scene ends, Ryan takes a hot and sticky creampie inside her pretty, pink vagina. Now that is a sundae with cream on top.

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Everybody In The Pool!

Everybody In The Pool!

You want me to do what? Karina asked in mock horror when we handed her a skimmer and asked her to clean the pool. But Karina got the idea without us telling her: The idea, of course, was for Karina to fall into the pool and get dripping. Very oozy. Because juicy mangos look admirable. And, when Karina jumps into the pool, we see her tits defying gravity and somehow managing to stay inside her top. That wasn’t supposed to happen, but the fact that it did was a very fortunate accident. This posting also gives us the chance to view one of our favorite fantasies: big-boobed girl nude and spreading by the pool. Why does the pool matter? Because how many times have you sat by a public pool on a hot day and fantasized about a buxom chick doing just that? Lots of times, right? Well, as ordinary, Karina makes our fantasies come true. That’s one of the things we love about her. In all, there are about a million.

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How to Handle a Freak

How to Handle a Freak

Millian Blu is the definition of a freak. This thick Dominican gal told she masturbates 6 times per day. Lookin’ as admirable as she does, we’re surprised she can keep her palms off her caramel curves at all. She won’t need to worry about that today, nevertheless. Our boy Johnny Cock is well equipped to handle her snatch, curves and booty.

“I can not quit fuckin,” Millian said. “I once saw a charming boyfriend on the subway. We ended up getting off the train and fucking in a corner of the subway station.”

They’re not in a subway station, but you better believe Johnny is about to take her on a trip with his cock.

He copulates her from the side, reverse cowgirl and doggy style before dropping a heavy load on her arse.

That is how you handle a freak.

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Candace’s first massive, ebony cock is enormous!

Candace's first huge, swarthy knob is enormous!

In her second fuck scene ever, Candace Harley, a 43-year-old divorcee and mature bitch from South Florida, gives a head and copulates her first swarthy pecker. Ever. Not just on-camera. Ever. It is also the greatest dick she is ever nailed. And Jax is 27, which makes for a 16-year age difference.

So, to recap:

1. Biggest pecker.
2. First ebony dick.
3. Sixteen-year age difference.

We really do know how to make our chicks happy here at 40SomethingMag.com, don’t we?

Candace was a total amateurish when she walked into our studio and banged for the first time. She isn’t a swinger. Her friends know how wild and insane she’s sexually, but they probably never dreamed she’d do this. Actually, Candace never dreamed it, either. She was very nervous before her first scene. Well, the nerves are gone, and Candace takes control and copulates Jax every which way. And he cums on her face.

“I like the thrill of being watched but have never been caught or been confronted for it,” she said. “I’ve had a couple of encounters with gals. It depends upon my mood. I love kissing and being touched while I am climaxing.”

Candace gets all she wants in this scene. So does Jax. So do we. And did we mention that Candace is a bosomy blonde? Well, we just did!

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How to Handle a Freak

How to Handle a Freak

Millian Blu is the definition of a freak. This thick Dominican babe told she masturbates 6 times per day. Lookin’ as precious as she does, we’re surprised she can keep her arms off her caramel curves at all. She won’t have to worry about that this day, though. Our boy Johnny Pecker is well equipped to handle her cookie, curves and booty.

“I can’t stop fuckin,” Millian said. “I once saw a flawless boy-friend on the subway. We ended up getting off the tutor and fucking in a corner of the subway station.”

They’re not in a subway station, but you better believe Johnny is about to take her on a journey with his penis.

He fucks her from the side, reverse cowgirl and doggy style before dropping a heavy load on her butt.

That’s how you handle a freak.

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Punk Gets the Cookie

Punk Gets the Pussy

Wack white rapper, 1 Da Bred just went double gold. Actually, he just spray painted some records gold, but the ladies don’t got to know all that. Especially Cheetah Blige, who he spots on the street in diminutive, white, lace boyshorts with her huge ole ass just hangin’ out. He takes her back to his (grandma’s) house to show her his records and then she shows him just how rock hard that big booty of hers is. He gives her the pole so hard that she swears he’s number one. Watch that enormous ass jiggle in doggie-style, cowgirl and then finally get coated with a hot load of cum. 1 da Bred might think he is the fellow, but the way she works that onion makes Cheetah a star!

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Molly Maracas – Mature Enjoyment

52 year old Molly Maracas is just in from a day of work, and it’s time for this mom to relax with some self seduction. It’s not long before she has started a slow striptease that gradually reveals her massive betty boops and powerful nipps, then allows her to fingerbang her greedy bare cookie.

Shay’s office creampie

Shay's office creampie

Shay Fox, a sonsie 45-year-old divorcee, gives a head and copulates prick and gets a creampie in this scene, but we thought you’d like to know a little bit more about her.

She’s from Southern California, born and raised.

She’s divorced. She’s also a mature bitch.

Her noogies are DDD-cups. Her vagina is shaved.

She describes her special talent as “giving sloppy blow jobs.”

We asked her if she was the bustiest gal in school, and she said, “No, the redheaded gal was.” But we’re betting the redhead gal doesn’t look as worthy this time as Shay does.

She works out. A lot. She’s a fitness competitor. You can tell by her body.

She doesn’t watch sports, but she fonds fellows in delicate panties.

She enjoys having her brown-eye licked.

Sex in public places?

“Sure! Nowhere is out of the question.”

We’re glad to hear that. We’re glad she decided to have sex in our studio. So was the guy who’s fucking her in this video. They have office sex. Shay is the sexy office cutie in a tender top. She’s fucking herself with a vibrator right there in the office when one of her co-workers walks in.

“Shay, you’re gonna get fired if you keep doing this!” he warns her.

No biggie. Her side job as a porn star is a lot more fun.

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One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok

“Tell me how much you like surprises,” Jessica whispers seductively as her first BootyLicious hardcore scene starts.

We fuckin’ love them, chick. Especially when the surprise is a thick piece of Asian arse that is beggin’ to be worked. Asian women usually don’t rock all that junk in the trunk, but this angel Jessica Bangkok is the exception.

And in case y’all were wondering, yes, she likes to bang rod day and night. That is why we dropped off our dude Asante to handle this big-bootied Asian sensation.

“What you got in here for me?” he told as he lifts up her tight, red suit.

What she has is exactly what dudes like him go anywhere for. Asante teases Jessica with some ass-worshipping that makes her squeal like a schoolgirl. Then he takes her thong off and eats her arse and cunt from the back. This tasty Asian dish doesn’t need a drop of soy sauce to be fuckin’ delicious.

Jessica loves to talk on the bonophone cock, too. And she ain’t an amateurish. She goes down on Asante’s massive, ebony rod with vigor. This hot mama has no gag reflex.

But, like we said, Jessica fonds to bang dicks. She hops on top of Asante and pops her pussy on his ramrod.

“Oh, god, you’re so sooooo deep,” she says. “Oh, you love that wet crack, huh? It is so worthy. You love that cunt wrapped around your cock.”

Of course, he does. And he’s not done with her wet crack yet, either.

He flips her onto her side and beats her twat up from the side.

“Oh, you fuck that slit so priceless,” Jessica moans.

After a few moments, she lets out a enormous orgasm. But Jessica isn’t done yet. She hops onto our boy reverse-cowgirl and then gets her pussy nailed out doggy style.

“Oh, god, you make me cum so hard!” she says as she has another big orgasm. “Cum on my butt.”

When you’re beastin’ on some vagina this worthy, you do not need to be told twice.

Asante unleashes a massive load onto her booty. Jessica, being the cock-loving harlot that she’s, cleans her arse off with her palm and swallows it all.

“It tastes so nice,” she giggles.

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