Stud makes Charli’s terd cutter feel special

Stud makes Charli's mangina feel special

When we asked 45-year-old gilf Charli Shay what she does to make a beau feel special, she said, “Treat him like he is the most-important person in the world and give him lots of blow jobs.”

That’ll work.

When we asked her what a fella can do to make her feel special, she said, “Take me to places such as museums even however he doesn’t wanna and do what I like in bed to please me.”

There are no museum visits in this video.

There is, though, a fella who does what Charli wants. She wants him to finger her rusty bullet hole.

“Think you can do that?” she says.

Yes, he can.

He can also drill her sphincter.

And cum on her face.

And everyone feels special!

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Gold Star

Gold Star

Stars come in all shapes and sizes, but not many come with a badonkadonk like this. Alycia Starr is a 5’3″ Latina from Las Vegas with a 43-inch butt and curves that can stop traffic. With all these curves, we hope the fellows over there have checked their brakes.

Our hung stud Johnny Champ is more than capable of maneuvering these tight curves, nevertheless.

“I seen you dancing at the club with this thing,” he told.

“Oh, you like that butt?” Alycia responds.

Alycia fonds to make it clap, and she gives Johnny a preview of how she is gonna work his stiff prick by demonstrating her skills.

When she finally hops on top, Alycia gets the type of hard fuck an arse like hers deserves. Every day a star is born, but this is our favorite Starr in porn.

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Cock-Hungry Like A Wolf

Show and tell with Madison Paige

Show and tell with Madison Paige

“I go through batteries a lot,” said 46-year-old Madison Paige, who, in this scene, shows us her bag of tricks. But she doesn’t just show us her bag of tricks. She uses what’s in that bag, too.

You should know by this time that Madison fonds having her arse filled. You should know that because she got ass-fucked in her first two scenes at So, it shouldn’t surprise you at all that in this solo scene, her arse is filled with a fuck toy most of the time…while she uses another vibrator on her clit. Her cookie has several piercings. Madison has massive, fake whoppers. She has a self-opening cunt. It’s a priceless one.

Madison is a stripper and an escort. She calls her bag of toys her “hooker bag.” This is clearly an example of a woman doing what she fonds. She’s not into escorting just for the money. She fonds to fuck. She didn’t come to our studio because she needed cash. She came because she needed porn stud dick in her arse. And to top things off, she did this scene. Get off.

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Butt Fetish

Ass Fetish

There’s always something to discover walking down the streets of Miami. If you’re lucky, you might find a sexy Latina like Laurie Vargas who’s down to play.

“Do you wanna play with my toy?” he told as he hops off of his Segway.

That ain’t the only toy she’ll be playing with, nevertheless. Our boy Jordan has a magic stick that needs some special attention, and Laurie’s got the butt to cast the spells it needs.

“I think you would have a fun it much more bouncing something else,” Laurie told.

“What would I get off riding, perfect?” he asks.

“This enormous butt,” Laurie says as he taps her sexy apple bottom.

Laurie drops down to her knees and gives Jordan some throat-banging head as she slides up and down his cock. Then she hops on top and gives him the ride he is been waiting for.

“Oh, you like this ride, baby,” she told as he smashes her wet crack.

He turns her around and fucks her doggy style before he slams his stiff dong into her deuce hole.

When he is done, he gives Laurie a creampie in her brown-eye. That is our type of ride.

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In Brown-eye With Love

Horny boyfriend is banging a delicate backdoor of his naughty girlfriend

Coming back {home form work|home}, this {handsome|pretty|passionate} {fellow|buddy|pal} is finding his {girlfriend|GF} lying down and watching a {movie|TV series}. Feeling sex addicted he {starts|begins} {grabbing|touching} her {ass|butt|bum} and cute this {lovely|cute|flawless|kinky|spicy} {babe|hottie|bombshell|rogue|chick}. Being all moist and slick she {starts|begins} sucking his {cock|dick|dong|rod}, making him compliant to {penetrate|pound|hump|bang|drill|screw} her {pussy|muff|snatch|vag} all over as well as {bang|destroy|grind} her delicate and {virgin|tiny} {asshole|butthole|a-hole|anal hole}. It all ends up with a {massive|hot|fresh} ejaculation right on her tongue

Sex addicted boyfriend is banging a fond rectum of his wicked girl-friend

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A Sharp Girl With Soft Curves

“Forget that video game. Play with me!”

'Forget that video game. Play with me!'

Who wants to play video games when there’s a hot MILF like Cilla waiting to fuck? That is what Cilla wants to know, and 26-year-old Nick quickly gets the message. Before he knows it, he has his dong in this 47-year-old divorcee’s mouth, and she is giving head away. And then they’re fucking, and Nick is blowing his load in her mouth.

This is the kind of thing that happens all the time. A beau has a hot old bug. He invites his pal over. He makes the mistake of leaving the friend alone in the house. Old bug decides to play with her son’s pal.

Of course, not every old whore is as hot or excited as Cilla, although we will point out that every single woman at is definitely in the hot/horny ballpark.

Cilla is from Wales, so she is a rare British COUGAR. She has mates. Most of the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and isn’t it always admirable when a COUGAR has a mystery life that she wants to share with us.

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Needs a Real Man

Needs a Real Man

Amira Jones is a whole lotta woman with a whole lotta ass. She has the kind of booty that will clap on your cock while you hit her from behind. It’s the kind of arse that gives just the right amount of cushion for serious fucking. This is not an butt for the weak or the stupid because if you cannot break Ms. Jones off, she will send you walking. “I need some gorgeous fucking. I’m talking about the real deal. I can’t stand fellows who talk all sorts of shit about how they are going to tear me up and then, when push comes to shove, they are just two-minute brothers. Look at my ass, baby…does it look like two minutes is gonna cut it? I don’t think so. If you wanna work me over and rock my world, you better be prepared to fuck me for a while. I do not do quickies. I need to get the full-body treatment. I’ve got lots of curves that need servicing so get it and get it priceless.”

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Cutie is sweet and sexy

Honey is sweet and sexy

“Part of the reason I started doing porn is because I like to be watched,” said 41-year-old wife and grandmother Cutie White, who’s back to show off her sexy body. “It brings out the wild side in me to know that there are people watching me and getting sex addicted. Even however they’re not touching, I want them to have a fun it.”

You should take that invitation. And make sure you notice how hard Honey’s nipps and clit are in those photos. She’s obviously aroused.

Back in 2007, Honey shot a pair of amateurish sets for Wicked Neighbors and then went back to her regular life. But there’s something about getting nude on-camera that makes gals wanna come back for more. The thrill is addicting.

Beauty didn’t fuck for us then, but she did now around. Actually, she’s fucking a lot those days back home in Las Vegas.

“One of my kinkiest sexual encounters was on a party bus going down the strip,” she said.

She should’ve filmed it.

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Wet Tee Teaser

Interracial MILF Booty

Interracial COUGAR Booty

“MILF” might not be the right word for a girl like Lori Suarez. When a spicy Latina like Lori is in front of you, she is a slut you’ve gotta fuck.

Lori can not get enough penis, either. She says she fonds to keep her wet crack worked out by fucking at least once a day.

“I love having sex,” Lori said. “I like sex with fellows and babez, but I really love boner. I really love swarthy penis. They get me hot.”

Lucky for her, we served up the greatest, black dick we’ve got for her and her cool ass. She knows how to pop it, and our man Lucas Stone knows how to rock it.

Lucas lays it down on Lori from multiple positions. She pops her cookie for him while bouncing up and down his pecker, and then he beasts on her snatch missionary and doggy style. You’ve gotta mix it up for a angel like Lori. She says she’s a party animal, and she is been known to get down at a few swingers parties.

“I’m a swinger,” she says. “People watching me have sex and watching them have sex turns me on. I like to have a man fucking me and another dick in my mouth.”

Lucas has all the knob she needs right now. When he’s done working her, he releases a load all over her brown-eye. This bad whore just got banged.

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Playing around with Cilla

Playing around with Cilla

“Let’s play other games,” 47-year-old Cilla says to her man at the start of this scene. He’s playing video games. “Why do not you play with me instead?” Cilla suggests. He is all for that! You would be, too, if you had a hot COUGAR like Cilla sitting beside you.

Sharp-eyed MILF lovers might remember Cilla. Back in 2004, she shot for both and Voluptuous magazine. Yeah, she has huge, natural billibongs. But she used to have dark hair. Back then, she didn’t fuck for our viewing pleasure. Now she’s fucking for our viewing pleasure and her sexual enjoyment.

“I had a great time last time and decided I’d love to repeat it because I just love to show what I gonna offer,” Cilla said. “I feel that for my age, I still appeal to all.”

For her age or any age.

Cilla isn’t a swinger. She is not a nudist. She is from North Wales in the UK. She says the people who know her wouldn’t be surprised to see her here. Maybe that’s because she loves to wear “very skimpy lingerie that show off my best assets.”

She has a lot of great assets. We hope you have a fun them as much as our man Nick did. Well, almost as much.

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Cat’s Hot Date

Workout Inspiration

Workout Inspiration

Ambrosa fonds to work up a sweat and likes to do aerobics at home. But her boy-friend would rather watch T.V. than join her as she tones her buns of metallic. So in order to get him up and off the couch she offers to workout with him. And by working out, she means that he can tap that butt! “It’s so damn worthwhile when he spreads my booty cheeks and gives me that cock real really deep in my dark hole. That’s the best excercise I can get!” We agree, Ambrosa, because we would love to work that arse out too!

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